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Safia Blue Mineral Water Traders LLC offers high quality bottled water products for domestic and regional markets, particularly in UAE. Safia Blue is one of the top brands of natural mineral water in the market because it upholds strict quality requirements.

The extensively promoted Safia Blue is one of the well-known products we produce. In addition, we bottle mineral water for businesses that want their products to have their own brand labels. Our mineral water products come in a variety of bottle sizes to accommodate various needs and situations.

Soft Drinking Water

We are committed to providing the purest soft drinking water to our customers. Our water goes through a rigorous purification process that removes all impurities and minerals, ensuring that every drop is pure and refreshing.

Chlorine Free Water

We offer chlorine-free water, which is not only safe for consumption but also has many health benefits. Our purification process eliminates the need for chlorine, which can cause skin irritation, allergies, and other health issues.

Total Home Solutions

We provide total home solutions that empower purity in each bottle of water. We offer a range of products that cater to all your home's water needs, including purification systems, dispensers, and bottles.

Pure Mineralized Water

Our company offers mineralized water that is not only pure but also deliciously refreshing. Our water is enriched with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which not only enhance the taste but also provide numerous health benefits.

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Safia Blue Water Industries is glad to announce its entry into the market for the supply of revitalising, refreshing, pure clean, and healthy mineralized water.

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Our Unique Features

At Safia Blue Mineral Water Traders, we pride ourselves on our unique and innovative purification process that ensures the water is free from impurities and minerals, leaving only a crisp and refreshing taste. Additionally, our eco-friendly bottling and packaging methods minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainability.


Our Teams

Meet our exceptional team at Safia Blue Mineral Water Traders! Our dedicated and experienced professionals work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality products and services for our customers. Together, we strive to provide a refreshing and satisfying experience with every sip.

Syed Qamar Abbas

Managing Director


Mr. Rana Umar

Sale Executive


Syed Gohar Naqvi

HR Manager


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